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E-Glide Electric Skateboard Review

When it comes to finding the best off road electric skateboard, E-Glide’s GT Powerboard is the place to start. A veteran company based in the state where surfing, skating and the laid back culture that goes with these two sports first took off, the E-Glide electric skateboard is an awesome remote controlled skateboard that will get you carving in style and with head-turning speed both on and off road.

off road electric skateboardThe E-Glide Deck

Anyone familiar with a good deck knows just how much durability is needed to make the difference between a good and great skateboard. In the world of electric powered skateboards, this is the same case and a rugged, high quality deck is needed to handle the speed, weight and torque which make up the demands for a quality power board.


E-Glide boards boast aluminum decks that can handle the wear and tear of speeding over whatever terrain is on the agenda and does this with the rugged style that would be expected of such a quality brand. E-Glide saves the corner cutting for you, the rider, and has invested a huge number of resources in producing the best deck imaginable. The E-Glide is made from a dropped design that keeps your balance in check by allowing you to be closer to the ground as you skate.


Built with a perfect level of flex, E-Glide promises that this deck will last for centuries. Who know an electric skateboard would turn into a family heirloom? Radical, eh?


The Trucks

The trucks are one of the most important parts of the skateboard, and unlike regular skateboards, where they just need to deal with the strain from the weight of the rider, terrain and the occasional pushes forward from your feet, trucks on an electric skateboard need to be even tougher. Why? Because of the constant motion from the engine.


With this in mind, E-Glide ships with impressively durable trucks that make no compromise in toughness. These torsion trucks allow for customizable tuning which will lets you make them as stiff or as flexible as you want without weakening their shock absorbing nature.


The Motor

The motor. The workhorse and nerve center of this method of stylish future transport. The powerhouse built into the E-Glide board is a mighty 36-volt which peaks at 1500 watts and will launch you to a speedy 22 MPH in just 5 seconds from a stationary start. Guaranteed for longevity, this motor was built with a lasting durability that means you won’t need to replace it for a good number of years.


The Wheels

The wheels on the E-Glide go round and round… The Kendra Turf tires will take you where you need to go and beyond. You can count on great traction and a great glide that will last for a long time. These low profile, yet strong treaded wheels are built by Kendra, a company that has been delivering quality rubber for the last 50 years.


The Battery

If you’ve had experience with an electric bike before, you’re sure to have run into the biggest, and sometimes the priciest, headache: a replacement battery. Nothing takes the wind out of your sails and the dough out of your wallet faster than replacing an expensive electric bike battery.


Electric bike batteries can sometimes can cost a fortune and often make up a bulk of the upfront cost for the bike.


With the E-Glide, you won’t need to worry about that at all. The E-Glide ships with a EB series SLA battery that provides a 15 mile range when you’re skating on a flat surface and goes above and beyond by clocking in 350 charge cycles. The best part? When you do need to replace it, it will only cost you $170 USD. If that doesn’t power you up, we don’t know what will.

The Remote

The EGlide remote stands out a bit from the rest due to the fact that it, unlike other leading electric skateboards, has a cable. The difference is intentional as the founder has years of experience testing cordless remotes and he maintains that the margin of error when it comes to possible miscommunication between the board and the remote is too high. The cable will not at all interfere with your ride and allows for constant communication with no time outs between the you and the board.
At the end of the day, the remote really is your safety net, especially when speeding on a such a powerful electric skateboard as the Eglide Powerboard GT. You need to rely on the constant contact and communication between the remote and the device and even a one second lag, or time out, between the two could mean a bad spill for the rider, and possibly the surrounding pedestrians.


The Eglide GT Powerboard is built by pros and remains one of the top selling electric skateboards around. The confidence it will give you as you skate down the street is astounding and its ability to handle bumpy terrain just adds to its incredible package.
This electric longboard would fare well on a hike and can handle any quick changes made to the terrain even if the change in terrain happens while you are zipping up a hill. The Eglide Powerboard GT ships ready to roll, literally, as there is no need to assemble once it arrives. It ships with extra parts just in case and the service from the team at EGlide is unparralled in the E-skateboard industry.
The Powertboard GT’s versatility is definitely its crown jewel as you will not need to worry about even the common problems that occur in typical roads such as potholes, these are concerns that will need to be addressed even if you stick to conventional street riding.
Built with passion, the team behind the Powerboard GT has been in the electric skateboard business for awhile and the electronics are designed and assembled with European precision.
The confidence that this board gives the rider, especially with heavy leans from side to side, will make the onboarding time minimal for both seasoned skaters and newbies alike. A purchase of the Powerboard GT is an investment in technology and is a decision that you will certainly not regret.
This durable board is a beast and gets a hearty two thumbs up as this board bridges the gap between heavy-duty and simplicity and will be one of the most enjoyable out there.

With so many new modes of powered transportation out there, it’s easy to get confused by all the options. The E-Glide is a great choice for experienced boarders and newbies who want to start grinding on their first remote controlled electric skateboard.



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