Benchwheel Dual Electric Skateboard Review


The retro looking Benchwheel Dual is a beast that will propel you down the street with a passion using it’s powerful high-powered electric motor at a max speed of 20mph (30kmph). With its unique design, this board looks as organic as a motor-free board and is pretty darn stylish to boot (or, should we say kick?).

 benchwheel dual 1800W Benchwheel Dual 1800w Electric Skateboard Review
The Benchwheel Dual Body

Combining multiple layers of bamboo to craft an exceptional electric skateboard body that is reminiscent of the cool Hawaiin surfboards back in the 1950’s, the Benchwheel is one great looking power board. The bamboo body is reinforced with fiberglass to combine it’s lightweight and natural feel with the sturdiness that anyone would come to expect in their electric skateboard. This body can take a pounding on the pavement while being easy to carry around the office, school or up and down stairs at your pad.

The bamboo and fiberglass duo also make it bend naturally without putting too much stress on the board when you’re ripping around corners. Some riders note that they are comfortable riding even at weights exceeding 200 lbs.

The Engine

The brains and powerhouse on the Benchwheel duo are safely stowed high enough the wheels to allow you to freestyle over more adventurous terrains rather than having to stick to the flat pavements. Needless to say, of course, it’s best to stay on flatter surfaces unless you’re running a specifically designed offload electric skateboard like the EGlide GT Powerboard.benchwheel duo engine
This electric longboard ships with an impressive 2 high-powered, brushless motors that blast you to from point A to point B at a 1800 watt output each. Thanks to these motors, you will be flying at impressive speeds of up to 20mph (30kmph), although these speeds can vary depending on the weight of the rider and the incline. Much like the Yuneec E-Go 2 the slim design keeps the brains and powerhouse close to the deck which almost gives the impression that you are magically powering a regular skateboard. Don’t be surprised if someone calls you Aladdin as you whizz by on this radical magic carpet!
Why two motors? The dual engines allow you to experience both a more even output of power as well as a significantly improved braking power even while you are whipping around at high speeds.

benchwheel duo pricing

The Remote

Also like the E-Go 2, the Benchwheel Duo allows you to control it in two control modes, one being optimized for speed and the second being for energy saving functionality. These modes are accessible using the remote control and the speed control is highly accurate as it relies on sine-wave modulation for making small changes to your speed. One thing to note, is that the remote control does not ship with a wrist strap.

The Bottom Line

This is one classy looking skateboard, however it may be out of your price range. Be sure to click here for your current pricing. For cheaper models of electric skateboards, try out the Yuneec E-Go 2.

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