Airwheel X8 Review

Airwheel X8 Review: One Wheel Balance Board Review


Airwheel X8 Review

Copy of TEXT HERE (3)The Airwheel X8 is a next generation one wheel balance board that will intelligently zip you from point A to point B with speed and style. Not only is the Airwheel X8 sleek and futuristic looking, it also has an impressive array of safety certifications which is good news for anyone familiar with the spontaneous combustions of early stage two wheel hoverboards.


The folks at Airwheel have taken technology to the next level with the intelligent chip used in the Airwheel X8 to power the gyroscope and maintain balance using airplane technology.

About the Airwheel X8

The Airwheel X8 Body

With a durable, lightweight and eye catching carbon-fibre exterior, this one wheel design stands out in an almost stealth fashion. Weighing in at just under 32lbs (14kg), yet with the ability to power a rider of up to 260lbs (120kg), you’ll find big value in a small package. The tire size is 14 inches (36 cm) and two flaps fold down as foot rests.


Performance Stats

With a max speed of about 11 mph (18 kmph) this the Airwheel X8 has what it takes to get you wherever you need to be without making you later OR being an inconvenience to carry around. Unlike a bike, you don’t need to worry about locking this beast up as you can carry it around just like a briefcase, who will notice? And, if you do get some attention, it will all be positive!

Airwheel X8 Review stats

Depending on the rider’s weight, the Airwheel X8 can climb safely angles that are up to 15 degrees for all riders.


Battery Information

Charging time is about 90 minutes and each charge will take you around 12.5 miles or 20 km, however the distance depends on the rider’s weight. The adapter that ships with the Airwheel X8 is AC 220V 50-60Hz and the battery is a Japanese made 170 Lithium with a protection board with SOC equalization. When the battery is running lower than 15%, you will be notified by a buzzer beeping and and all 4 external LED’s flashing.

airwheel x8 pricing
To prevent a dangerous loss of power that could result in injury, the Airwheel X8 pedals lean forward and the device slowly decelerates when your batter runs out.



While electric skateboards are our forte at, the future of powered transportation is our passion. We love the Airwheel X8 and if it’s in your budget, be sure you check out the current pricing HERE. Safe travels, and if you buy it, be sure to send us a tweet at @PowerBoardZ


Images taken from and the manufacturers website.



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