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Three Reasons Why Your Commute Needs a Motorized Skateboard


It’s hard to believe that it’s already been over 30 years since Marty McFly inspired a generation of young dudes and dudettes with his fly moves on his amazing and futuristic hover board. It’s really not so long in the scheme of things, certainly shorter than the time that mankind needed to wait for our first manned flight and breaching the ozone layer in our first space flights.

For even the younger viewers of the first runs of Back to the Future, the 40’s have arrived and childhood dreams of floating down the street on a hover board may have dried up with dreams of playing professional sports, but they shouldn’t have.

Now is the golden age of personal powered transport. This is an age awkwardly heralded in with the first attempts at the Segway (it’s cooler cousin the Segway miniPRO is just arriving on market now, years after the original’s awkward debut).  Cool dads can be cooler with a sleek electronic skateboard and teens and students that can afford to zip around town on a motorized longboard shouldn’t be missing out.

Three reasons why your commute needs motorized skateboard:

1. Experience a “Futuristic” kind of cool on your electric skateboard

Shredding down the street on a powerboard is a thrill that is hard to come by elsewhere. Once you down your cup of morning java, who wants to start there day stuck in bumper to bumper traffic or standing on a bus when you could be living what up until recently was only a dream. Motorized skateboards, such as the Yuneec E-Go 2, are lightweight enough to be comfortable around the office while giving you the power, and thrill to spice up your morning.

2. Save that gas money for beer (If you can legally drink in your state, of course. If not, save it for a slurpee)

The average weekly roundtrip 15 mile commute will set you back at least $120 a month, and more if you’re driving around a gas guzzling tank. Electric bike charges, including battery replacement, add up to around $1000 per 8 years, which is about the same as filling up your tank on a yearly basis just for your commute, but probably even less. Electric skateboards often are much cheaper to charge than bikes, and the cost is easily justifiable if you’re able to replace the gas for your commute or even bus tickets for a few years.

3. Get a tan without breaking a sweat!

ride a motorized skateboard for a tan
Yes, you read that right. Stylishly skate down the board walk/Main Street/lake side in effortless awesomeness while turning heads and soaking in the vitamin D without having to wipe the beads of sweat out of your eyes.

Not caring has never gone out of style and cruising with your motorized skateboard down the street in the heat of summer, maybe even to work, will put you right at the top of the cool pyramid, where the drinks are cold and the sun is hot.

If these reasons aren’t enough why you need a electric powerboard, don’t forget that the opposite sex loves watching someone make moves on an electric longboard or skateboard. There’s something about the nonchalant sway as you speed down the street that is irresistible and that person could be you!


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