The Importance of Electric Skateboard Helmets


The Importance of Electric Skateboard Helmets

Brains travel on skateboards, right? Yes, yes they do, dude, and if you plan on powerboarding, make sure you’re also looking at electric skateboard helmets!

While you try to find your ideal electric skateboard, one important thing to consider is the right helmet. Yes, we know that helmets might cramp your style, but better your style more than spine, right?

Of course if helmets are required in your hood, or if you’re a minor, there isn’t even a question about whether you need a helmet while shredding on your power board and, there shouldn’t be a question about it anyways if you want to keep your skating up on for the long term.

Crashes on electric skateboards, especially during your learning phase, are inevitable and while not all skateboards are made for off roading like the GT Powerboard, it’s important to make sure there is some soft ground, or grass, to be able to bail onto while you take your first rip.

Electric Skateboard Helmet

Don’t rule out buying a full face helmet to keep you protected while you skate!

While helmets are important during any activity where you’re ripping around with wheels underneath, when it comes to powered skateboard, that importance is tripled as your velocity increases. From just skateboarding accidents alone, over 1,500 kids and teens are hospitalized per year and over 50,000 unfortunate skaters need to visit the emergency room per year. These visits cost time and money and will no doubt put a sour taste about powerbowrding in the mouths of the injured.

To add to the intensity of riding an electric skateboard, it’s also important to remember that most electric longboards and skateboards will raise the rider even higher off the ground which in turn will increase your center of gravity. While this will help you feel like a king while you cruise, it’s also a factor that makes it harder to skate away from hazards and regain balance when you start to lose control. Something to keep in mind.

Electric skateboard safety tips to keep in mind:

  1. Get a quality skateboard that you are comfortable on and one that will flex to avoid impact
  2. Get a helmet that will protect your head, fits perfectly and, if you plan on any extreme riding, consider a full cover with a face mask.
  3. While you start “on boarding” your electric deck, practice what it’s like to slow down and avoid hazards in your path.

There’s no thrill like riding an electric skateboard, but with this excitement comes the responsibility to stay safe. Start with a helmet, and make sure you’re vigilant while riding to keep yourself and others safe. Remember, electric skateboard helmets are just a start of riding your powerboard safely.

Happy boarding!


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