brief history of electric skateboards

A Brief History of Electric Skateboards


All About Electric Skateboards

Since skateboarding began back in the 1940’s with youngsters strapping roller skates onto boards for some dangerous cheap thrills, never has the industry seen so much excitement and a profound level of innovation as there is today.

Why? The answer is electric skateboards.

Motorized longboard and skateboards are just beginning to not only revolutionize the way we get from point A to point B, but also play a role in democratizing transportation.

What about electric bikes?

Yes, electric bikes have also experienced an explosive boom in the last few years as battery technology gets cheaper and “in wheel” motors drop in price, but is it really a momentous leap like we see in power d skateboards?

I don’t think so, because for many decades we’ve had powered bikes. Motorbikes helped armies fight the great wars of the 20th century and have been around much longer. Motorcycles were extensions of the “safety bicycle” of the 1800’s which had the innovative feature of having two wheels that were the name size. Way back in 1885, Daimler and Benz had paired up to produce the first motorcycle, so they can’t be compared on the innovative scale that electric skateboards are

A Brief History of Electric Skateboards

The First Powered Skateboard

brief history of electric skateboards

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The first powered skateboard appeared in the 1970’s and featured an actual gasoline motor. This was known as the Motoboard, but it was banned soon after inception by the state of California.

Today, the growing availability, coupled with the amount of precise technology needed to make today’s electric skateboards the marvels that they are to ride is impressive.

We’re truly at the beginning of the curve of personal, powered transport and the weight of the most electric skateboards is often less than half that of an electric bike.  Of course motorized off road electric skateboards and longboards do weigh more, but their functionality literally outweighs their weight and totally justified it.

Unlike bikes, electric skateboards are much easier to carry and often much cheaper.

With the comfort of ergonomic remote controls, electric skateboards really put the power into our pockets and that’s why you need an electric skateboard.

I hope you enjoyed this brief history of electric skateboards.

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