electric skateboard for kids

Dynacraft Surge Electric Skateboard for Kids


Dynacraft Surge Electric Skateboard for Kids


The Dynacraft Surge is the right choice for any young dudes and dudettes who are looking for their first board. With a max speed of 6 mph and a max weight of 145 lbs, this is the right choice for taking your first kicks in the right direction.
Most of the products that we review, like the Benchwheel Duo, or roaring E Glide  have way too much power for young riders and will definitely be a danger. Here’s where this unique electric skateboard comes in. It’s flashy, classic design blends in with the best and it ships with enough safety features so adults don’t need to worry about their kids roaring down the street at a dangerous pace.

Electric Skateboard for KidsDynacraft Surge Electric Skateboard for Kids ReviewThe Body

With its radical black and green design, this board does little on the outside to show that it is for beginners. It’s got a really sturdy aluminum alloy frame and rolls around on 90mm polyutherene plastic front wheels and 84mm back wheels which will keep you steady as you swerve.
The deck itself has an exceptional grip and and the overall design will give you street cred without looking like a toy or mysteriously combusting like many recent hoverboard incidents.

The Ride

You can count on a smooth ride on a quick battery charge which can be as fast as 45 minutes. The 150 watt motor will propel the board up to 6 miles per hour which is great for an electric skateboard for kids as many of the adult models not only ship with really high price tags, but also max speeds of up to 20mph which is definitely too fast for kids.
The trigger designed remote powers the acceleration and deceleration with a thumb activated gear switch that increases the gears and speed. Simply releasing the trigger engages deceleration.
A helmet is absolutely essential for anyone learning how to skateboard, especially using a powered skateboard or longboard, and knee pads are also a must.

benchwheel duo pricing

This board is incredibly easy to set up and start riding. All you need to do is give the battery a quick charge cycle before you take it out to the street and start rolling!


This is a great electric skateboard for kids as it comes with a limited top speed, easy setup and quick charge time, without compromising any of the coolness that you would expect from a skateboard. The price tag also makes a big difference as it’s about 20% of the cost of many motorized skateboards and longboards.
If you’ve got a young dude or dudette that you want riding around on a radical, but worry free, board, this one’s for you!



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