How to Choose which Electric Skateboard to Buy

How to Choose which Electric Skateboard to Buy



choosing which electric skateboard to buyUnlike most cheaper decks, when you decide to spoil yourself with an electric skateboard, it’s important to be sure that you know exactly what you need. Before you decide which power board will propel you down the sidewalk, read these quick tips to make sure that you’re making the right decision.


Let’s face it, you are not just buying an electric skateboard, or longboard, because you’ve been in love with the concept since you first saw “Back to the Future,” you also need it to take you from point A to point B in the most stylish fashion possible. The amount of distance that you’ll be able to glide over on one charge can range from 6 miles (about 10km) to around 19 miles (30km) so you will need to figure out exactly how, and where, you’ll be riding. Of course the boards that will take you for longer circuits will be a bit more expensive, but if you’d rather spend a good day on your board, you’ll have a blast buzzing around without needing to lug the charger along with (which tends to get heavy).

Choosing the right electric skateboard: weight

Will you be bringing your board to school, work? Do you think you’ll need to carry it if you run out of battery? Does your apartment have an elevator? These are important questions as the weight of e-skateboards also tends to range somewhat widely. Motorized skateboards range from 10lbs all the way up to 60+ lbs in weight so you’ll need to plan accordingly if you get adventurous with the distances that you’ll be covering, and you’ll need to check out how easily it is to make it home manually if you get stuck.

Not only do you need to be checking the weight of the board itself, you’ll also need to make sure that the skateboard can handle your own weight. Since these motorized skateboards, and longboards, are usually really durable to support the fast-paced movement and solid torque, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about this detail, but it’s best to check first with the manufacturer just in case.

Remote Options

This option comes down to personal preference, really, but you’ll most likely find yourself controlling your board with a remote control and the market is currently stocked with a couple of different options. You will most likely find yourself having to choose between a thumb remote, and a trigger remote that you’ll use with your finger to control the speed.


Most people prefer the trigger method which works by pushing forward to slow down or stop (by applying braking mechanisms in the motor) and pulling back, as you would when you’re firing a gun, to speed up.



How fast do you want to go? What kind of terrain will you be tearing up?

A rough range of the speeds that electric skateboards offer is from around 12 mph to 25 mph (around 19 kmph to 40 kmph). If speed is an important factor for you may need to sacrifice range and pay a higher price. If speed is not a factor, chances are that you electric longboard, or skateboard, could be cheaper and glide you to longer distances.


What about the terrain? If you’re planning on gliding to work, out for a coffee or just around town on flat surfaces, most models of powered skateboards will fit your demands. If you’re looking for an off road option, you’ll need to do a bit of research to see which board matches the demands that you’ll be putting it through. Having said that, there are some great off road electric skateboard options like the E-Glide.



Yeah, we’ll admit, this is a bit of an odd one, right? If you’re the young startup whizz who plans on skating into a workplace where “dresscode” is a bad word, you probably couldn’t care less about the design of the board. For corporate “kids at heart” who don’t want to raise too many eyebrows in the elevator, we’d recommend investing in one that is a bit less “jaw dropping,” and could potentially fit in a duffel bag.



Obviously, your wallet will be a deciding factor in whatever board that you ultimately end up buying, but you will need to pay careful attention to a few more factors than you normally would if you were buying a normal skateboard. These include range, weight, remote type, performance, and yes, your personal preference when it comes to the style of the board. Some people prefer a hulk of board with moster truck style tires, while others prefer a sleek, minimal electric longboard with only a slight hint of a motor. You be the judge, and ride in style, hombre!



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