Welcome to Powerboardz!

I’m Zach, the website owner, blogger and overall skateboard enthusiast. I really like to technology and see electric powered personal transportation as the future and I love telling the story.

I grew up on the Californian coast around Monterrey and love the coastal air. I got into skateboarding back in high-school and even saw Tony Hawk once at a party. Unfortunately, this was way before selfies were cool, and possibly before they were even “invented.”

Anyways, just the thought that we’re on the cusp of widespread adoption of the rad technology that fueled so much science fiction is incredible and I want to play my little role in telling the story. Electric skateboards, motorized longboards, off road powerboards that you can control with your phone? Whatever you’re looking for, you’re going to be at home here.

Whether you can ollie and carve your way through a skatepark or you have yet to take your first skate, electric skateboards are your future.

If you’ve got any questions, feedback, or even a hot tip on the next big thing in the world of personal powered transport, drop me a line at zach@powerboardz.com

Enjoy the site!